Whether you agree or not, people are beginning to caution against open office spaces, warning that sickness, interruptions and workplace distractions come at a high price.

I've been doing some thinking and have realized that if we're going to move back to an office world where privacy returns in the form of private offices, we stand to witness an explosion in the number of walls that exist.

Walls. Walls. And More Walls.

I'd prefer not to have walls in the primary workspace of an office for many reasons, primarily because they block natural light from entering the room. They also block me from feeling part of the larger team and enjoying the general atmosphere of work that goes on in an open office plan.

But if walls have the potential to re-enter the scene in record numbers, we should start thinking about how to keep them from sapping the energy from everyone's collective soul. Why not:

We've looked at a few of those topics before so today I thought it would be great to point out some of my favorite patterns, shapes, and geometric designs ready to liven up even the most drab wall.

How are the office walls in your workplace covered?

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