If you've been following the turnstone blog for a while, you'll know that we take branding pretty seriously.

In the same way that homes should and often do reflect the style and values of their occupants (messy, clean, antique, etc), offices ought to reflect their occupants as well.

Generally, when we discuss branding with regard to office design, we mean more than simply logos and color schemes; we think that it should be more than surface-level cosmetics. Deeper branding involves examining the values of the company and integrating them into the design in ways that affect the culture in that way.

  • One example is that gaming companies generally allow employees the ability to play games while on the job. Why? Because if their goal as a company is to get people around the world playing games throughout the day, it is consistent to allow their employees to do the same.
  • Another example is that of companies providing healthy food options, gyms, and other resources to help staff stay fit and healthy. If living a healthy lifestyle is a goal for a company, the office design and work culture ought to encourage it. Otherwise you may be sending the wrong message.

But of course, not all branding goes this deep, nor does it need to. Design companies, for example, appreciate good design and implement nice color schemes, interesting materials, and great lighting as a way to bring their design and style standards into the workplace. This is still branding.

Let's take a look at 9 awesome examples of companies that add a healthy does of brand into their office. Which is your favorite?

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