Nothing says productivity like injecting your employees with liquid caffeine. Coffee is the obvious favorite for office workers because it is easily accessible. Not all office coffee is terrible, the right machine will make a deliciously addicting drink. Whether it is a morning cup of joe or an afternoon brew, coffee is great for getting a jolt of energy, as well as mulling over a project. But there are SO many types of brewing systems. Which to choose?

Deciding on a coffee system for the office includes many factors: 

  1. Frequency of use: How many people are going to be using it, and how often? Some people don’t ever touch the stuff (crazies), and others need to dunk their heads into a bucket of coffee in order to wake up in the morning (points index finger at self).
  2. Budget: How much can you spend on a machine? They range from stupid affordable (20 bucks) to absurdly expensive (hundreds of dollars).
  3. Preference: What is the coffee preference of your employees? Every machine will have a different taste.
  4. Facilities: What does the kitchen look like? What appliances and space are available? Some methods of coffee brewing require a microwave and/or stovetop.
The Office

People coming in at different times might not have a use for a drip machine, because it will waste coffee and electricity. If you have meetings, a drip machine would be appropriate for large groups. If the office is more individualized in frequency and taste, the decision for a coffee machine will be affected.

Types of Machines

Like I mentioned before, it is important to take in consideration the power of the group versus the individual. There are many different types of coffee makers that can satisfy the exact needs you have.

Some features to look for in new machines are the programmable. Timers that allow you to have a pot brewing before employees step in the office is a nice benefit, especially for those that have trouble waking up. The same timers will also shut off after a certain amount of time, so you won’t risk the chance of a fire. 

  1. Popular Choice for Sharing – The drip basket.

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It makes your standard coffee that can make anything from a lite roast to the darkest bean. It is great for community sharing, especially for offices with a strong coffee culture. There are plenty of options available at home stores.

      2.  For the individual – K-cup and single use.

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Products like the Keurig are gaining popularity because of the fast ease and taste tailored per cup. These are great for office environments that are not highly favorable with coffee, or if you just can’t agree on a bag of beans. They are more expensive than the drip basket variety. 

      3.  Another popular choice for sharing – French press.

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Super fresh coffee but you need to have hot water in order to make French press coffee. This is becoming a favorite among seasoned (and newbie) coffee drinkers. A French press is great for groups. 

      4. Fancy pants & specialty mixes – Espresso machine.

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Instead of going to a coffee house, you can purchase your own espresso machine and pair with frothed milk or your choice of mixer. This can be time consuming and loud, so make sure you have a forgiving office first. 

       5.  For espresso-like flavor & rich coffee – Moka Pot.

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It is very popular in Italy. It is a jug that brews hot water, so you need a stovetop for this product. It is sometimes called the “stovetop espresso coffee maker”.

      6.  Another espresso-like coffee maker – Aeropress.

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This inventive machine uses air to push water through a filter to put coffee right into a cup. Can be used to make lattes and cappuccinos. It doesn’t make a lot of coffee but it is definitely quieter than an espresso machine. More affordable too. 

Whatever your feelings about coffee, you can find the right fit for your office and employees. Save a little money and time by skipping the coffee shop, and sit down with your coworkers with a piping hot cup. It’ll build relationships and improve your community and communication.

What is your favorite coffee drink for the workday? Please share! 

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