Oh how I LOVE the holidays! We know that they bring out the good, the bad and the ugly at work (and of course at home too). At work, it's usually the co-worker who is belting out holiday songs or who won't stop bringing in beef brisket, making the entire office smell bad. Find out if you're THAT guy this holiday season! It's not too late to change your ways!

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1. Too loud (and too much) holiday music 

You know who you are: you start listening to Christmas songs in October and you listen to them loudly. You don't care that the rest of the office doesn't want to listen to Jingle Bell Rock all day, every day for 3 months straight. It's not rocket science, but instead of playing that music out loud, why not use a pair of headphones? But even with headphones, if your music is so loud that your desk neighbors can hear it, it's time to dial down that volume. It's not only distracting, but annoying, too.


2. Smelly Holiday food

This is an obvious one — but then again I feel like all of these are common courtesies that we seem to forget at work. Though your mom's holiday brisket tastes amazing, its also got a very distinct smell that fills the entire office after you heat it up in the microwave. Stick to the common office rules of no "smelly" food. 



3. The Office Grinch

You're the grumpiest person in the office during the holidays and every knows it. While everyone else seems to be enjoying holiday perks like the baked goods your co-workers bring in, you complain about it being over- commercialized and unimportant. Though you may be unhappy in your own life, stop spreading the misery and instead, start spreading holiday cheer. If that's too much for you, then simply choose not to celebrate and keep your grinchiness to yourself.



4. Eating too many holiday treats and then complaining about weight gain

And speaking of holiday treats, stop eating so many! I know its fun to eat cookies and treats all the time at the office, but if you're complaining about your waistline, you're taking the fun out of it. No one wants to be reminded of the weight they typically put on during the holidays, and your complaining about it won't change a thing. If you have to, give yourself a daily or weekly limit on treats so you can minimize your holiday weight gain.

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5. The Gift Bragger

One of the most annoying things of all is the person who won't stop talking about all the *amazing* things they got from family or from themselves. The same person usually brags about their upcoming ski trip (and trust me when I say this) everyone is tired of hearing about it.  It's one thing to mention to a close friend at work what your plans are or that you're excited about a gift this year, but going out of your way to impress people is both obnoxious and inconsiderate. Try and keep the news to yourself this year or only tell when asked.

Do any of these people sound familiar to you? Tell us your holiday annoyances in the comments below!

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