You may not even realize it, but your conference room is one of the most important places in your office. Sure, the lobby and foyer make an impact on potential business partners, but the conference room is where the magic happens. It’s where deals are sealed, ideas are formed, and plans are put into action. So, make sure you’re putting your conference room to work with some great design.  Take a hint from one of these five cool conference rooms and making sealing the deal that much easier.

Your conference room is a great way to reinforce your business’s values to employees and potential partners. I love this casual conference room for any creative company. The interesting lighting and unusual color of the table lets everyone know that innovative work is being done.

Image via Design Milk

Google is apparently not only the master of tech, but the master of cool office interiors. It’s important to have lots of good lighting in any meeting place, and I love the unexpected pop of chartreuse.

Image via Toronto Life

Don’t be afraid of whimsy in the workplace! This encouraging wall decal and the painted antlers keep a sense of humor during intense meetings. I love offices that aren't afraid to go beyond the "typical" and this space is just that. 

Image via Pinterest


The importance of comfy chairs in a conference room is severely underestimated. That being said, why not pick chairs that are not only comfy, but great statement pieces too? Sealing the deal is that much easier when everyone is sitting pretty.

Image via Pinterest

I love this conference room for businesses that host big meetings. A neutral room with small pops of color will direct the eye exactly where you want it to go: to whatever’s happening on the screen. Plus, the u-shaped set-up of the tables encourages discussion and active involvement from everyone present.

What do you think of YOUR conference/meeting room? Is it something you're proud to show clients or a place you'd rather keep behind closed doors?

-Sayeh, The Office Stylist 

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