Flooring is usually the last thing on my list of things that can be inspirational. However, after going looking back through thousands of images on Office Snapshots for a recent project, my mind has literally been changed forever.

Carpet and other types of floors can really add a lot of character to a space in the same way that accent walls can. They can show how fun and playful your company is by using fake grass or you can tell everyone that you're all business. But not all flooring is carpet, and one popular flooring trend in offices is the raw and industrial look, which is usually achieved using cement flooring.

I've also written before about how space can be shaped and defined using flooring. It can show you where your are using colors, it can show you whose space you might be in by using borders.

Having worked at movie theaters for several years of my life, I've seen how flooring can also be used to draw attention away from miscellaneous things on the floor. At the theater, popcorn and small bits of trash basically disappear in the vibrantly designed patterns. At your office, it might help hide cords or other things that usually pop out and look ugly.

The awesome examples below are mainly carpet, but they really show an awesome variety of styles that there are. Some are linear, others are squares, while yet others are plain bright colors. Some of my personal favorites are the geometric shapes like triangles or plaid prints.

How does your office flooring compare?

spotted in ancestry.com's conference room: Cobi chairs by turnstone

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