If you've decided to give a gift to the Boss Man in your life, you might be twiddling your thumbs trying to find the right fit — and the right price tag — for him. Today I'd like to offer a roundup of my personal favorite picks, all of which will impress the Boss Man in your life (I hope!). 

1. Jack Spade Briefcase 

Let's face it, a backpack is NOT a briefcase. So if your startup Boss Man is in need of a serious upgrade, this one definitely takes the cake. 

2. Duke + Winston Polo Shirt

You can't go wrong with a classic polo, great both ON and off the golf course. 

3. Fancy Shaving Kit

Definitely one of my favorite gifts of the season and one that is rapidly gaining popularity. 

4. Chocolate Office Supplies

A great office gift for everyone but especially a Boss Man with a bit of a sweet tooth. Bet you're wanting to get a set for yourself now, huh?

5. Paperclip Money Clip

I love gifts that look like office supplies but clearly aren't. This fancy pants money clip from Barney's is great for a Boss Man who likes nice things and appreciates something unique. 

6. Man Bracelet

No that's not the actual name but for men who wear jewelry, I love this one. Depends on the Boss Man, but definitely an option.

7. iPhone Sticky Notes

The most awesome gift you can give: sticky notes in the shape of your iPhone. Great for the geeky boss and cheap enough to buy a bunch for the rest of the guys or a boardroom full of people. 

8. Fancy Fountain Pen Set

Every man needs a fancy pen and it might be time for your Boss Man to have one. I love that this pen looks really high end, but at only $82, it's a steal compared to other fountain pens. 

9.The Butt Station

A classic Boss Man gift and always a hoot! A fun, useful and friendly gift for the Boss Man in your life. 

10. Cheddar Money Clip

Another classic gift with a spin to it. Get that chedda! 

11. Fancy Leather Notebook

Whether recording important ideas, recording meeting notes or jotting down your Christmas bonus, all need to happen in a Boss Man notebook.

12. Mad Men Christmas CD

Last but not least — and perfect for this year's holiday party jams — is music from the amazing T.V. show Mad Men. Just pour a cocktail, smooth your hair and enjoy!


What are you planning to get your Boss Man this year? Let us know in the comments below!



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