Improving Student Success with Active Learning Spaces

Hub and Steelcase are dedicated to offering active learning solutions that provide students and instructors the tools they need to succeed. We have a passion for understanding how learning takes place and how smarter, active learning spaces can help. Spaces that help students connect, get inspired and achieve deeper learning. Solutions that help educators and institutions achieve better results.

Supporting Change in Education

In education today, tech savvy and connected students arrive with profoundly differently experiences and expectations. Students and their families are placing increasingly higher demands for quality education at all levels. Rapidly changing technology continually offers new approaches to learning, engagement, and instruction. Technology is a force, and educators are exploring what it means to be learner-centric, adopting active learning pedagogies and embracing the technology that supports these varied learning strategies.
Teaching methods are evolving with classes employing group projects and individual work along with lectures – it’s not just instructors teaching – peer-to-peer learning is on the rise. Yet both students and educators still face the challenge of having to operate in facilities built for dated ways of learning and teaching. Students and educators both suffer when outmoded learning spaces inadequately support the elements of a successful learning environment.

Our Solutions

The solutions that Hub and Steelcase provide are designed to support the dynamic needs of today’s students and instructors. They are flexible, mobile and designed to support active learning, whether it occurs in a classroom, library, café, or faculty office. We are committed to providing insight-led active learning solutions that improve student success.

Grand Valley’s Mary Idema Pew Library

Steelcase researchers studied libraries at colleges and universities across the U.S., including GVSU, and found major shifts in how the library is being used and opportunities to better leverage pedagogy, technology and space.

Verb at Coastline Community College

See what happens when two classes at Coastline Community College experience a Verb classroom. From multiple modes of learning to engaged students, Verb transforms the learning environment by offering flexibility and collaborative tools for the first time.