Answer Freestanding solutions provide users applications to balance focused work and collaboration in the open plan or private office.

Answer Freestanding is uniquely designed to help you maximize your real estate, while leveraging answer in a whole new way.

  • Provides a breadth of application to support collaborative and focused work
  • Consistent design language and range of aesthetic options ensure integration with other great product lines including Answer, Universal and FrameOne allowing for real estate optimization.
  • Allows for the brand and culture the workplace through a range of materials

Answer Freestanding reflects the following attention to details, also found in Answer:

  • FrameOne leg and Universal storage with FrameOne feet allowing for a consistent, refined aesthetic throughout the workplace.
  • Soft edge worksurfaces eliminating pressure points on wrist and forearms.
  • Power and data access door and tray integrated into the worksurface, allowing users easy access to power and data for mobile devices.