CH468 Oculus Chair

CH468 Oculus Chair Denmark — Hans J. Wegner Designed by Hans J. Wegner, the CH468 Oculus armchair delivers comfort with a refined sense of style and sophistication. The chair’s name refers to the “eye” formed by the curved back (oculus…


Alight by turnstone Light-scale lounge furniture designed for impromptu and collaborative spaces. Sets the stage for creative thinking and a more relaxed working environment. Unique and distinctive, designed by Kirt Martin. Perfect for reception, lounge, and teaming areas, Alight is also…


Await lounge seating features a versatile statement of line for formal and informal settings.

Bix Lounge

The Bix collection by Coalesse is a refined system of seating and tables that creates “lounge-based” worksettings to host teams and technology in comfort.

Bob Lounge Chair

Everyone loves Bob. A Coalesse best-seller, Bob is a crafted beauty.


Brody WorkLounge is designed to be good for your body and good for your brain.   DESIGNED FOR YOUR BODY Providing high performance comfort and support, the Brody WorkLounge features patented LiveLumbar™ technology—bringing thoughtful ergonomic design to the lounge posture.…

Campfire Big Lounge

Campfire Big Lounge brings people together and signals to your visitors that they are welcome to stay awhile.

Campfire Ottoman

The Campfire Ottoman is a perch that can double as a quick and easy table, too.

CH07 Shell Chair

The Shell chair, designed by Hans Wegner, is a historic materpiece distributed exclusively by Coalesse.

CH25 Paddle Chair

The Paddle Chair is remarkably durable with skillfully woven paper cord.

CH401 Airport

The timeless Airport Chair is a contemporary classic from Danish master, Hans Wegner.

CH445 Wing Chair

The timeless Wing Chair is a contemporary classic from Danish master, Hans Wegner.

Circa Modular Seating

Circa by Coalesse offers a dramatic creative palette for configuring signature spaces.


Coupe Lounge seating with coordinating loveseat, sofa and ottoman.


The contemporary Davos collection creates beautiful interior landscaping in open and small spaces.

Emu Heaven Seating

An allure of sensual elegance comprise the refined collection of Emu Heaven from Coalesse.

Emu Ivy Seating

The Emu Ivy collection from Coalesse is for those that desire total immersion in nature.


Evaneau sofas combine comfort and style in a chair and 2-seat and 3-seat options.

Holy Day Lounge

The Holy Day lounge collection will make any public or residential space a conversation piece.


Spain 2012 /  Patricia Urquiola Comfortable. As mobile work moves around, it often needs to spread out — at home, at universities, in hotel rooms, even in creative business environments. Hosu encourages spreading out. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this unique work…


i2i is a lounge chair designed to foster collaboration.

Jenny Club

The Jenny Club lounge chair brings solid comfort to any space with a wide range of aesthetic choices.

Jenny Round

An aesthetically softened version of our Jenny Club, the Jenny Round chair delivers the same comfort and versatility with gently sculpted sides and back.

Joel Lounge Chair

Joel by Coalesse. A swiveling beauty created for workplace collaboration.

Lagunitas Lounge

France 2013 / Toan Nguyen Lagunitas by Coalesse, a highly customizable lounge and table collection designed by Toan Nguyen. Lagunitas was born out of the idea that today’s workers require alternative spaces to traditional offices to provide them a more…

Leap WorkLounge

Leap WorkLounge combines the exceptional comfort of Leap with rich materials and elegant design.


by Turnstone

Media:scape Lounge

Collaboration takes shape with media:scape lounge.

Millbrae Contract

  USA  2011 /  Coalesse Design Studio Inspired by our own mid-century designs, the Millbrae Contract Lounge enhances the social feel of today’s progressive workplaces. The refined horizontal steel base forms a simple modernist foundation for panelled, quilted cushions that allude…

Millbrae Lifestyle

USA  2011 /  Coalesse Design Studio The Millbrae Lifestyle Lounge is a true crossover piece. Create a social feel in your workplace. Or comfortable-modern at home.  Inspired by our own mid-century designs, its refined horizontal steel base forms a simple modernist…


Pasio has several lounge options with its one, two and three seat options.


Passerelle embodies a timeless design in rich tradition and elegance that has transcended its anticipated audience to find use in every aspect of educational, corporate and even residential application.


The Ripple bench is a sculptural and engaging response for the waiting area.

Sidewalk Lounge/Mobile

The Sidewalk collection challenges the notion that work must always be done at a desk.


USA 2010 / Scott Wilson & MINIMAL This chair will change the way you think about meetings. Three inches lower than conventional seating and with a more relaxed posture, the SW_1 Lounge is a conference/lounge hybrid that creates a more…


The Swathmore collection by Coalesse; broad appeal, broad statement of line, broad use options.


The switch lounge collection offers a residential feel with the loose seat and back cushions; it also enjoys the durability of contract furniture.

The Massaud Collection

France 2013 / Jean-Marie Massaud The Massaud Collection from Coalesse including a Lounge, Work Lounge and Ottoman has been inspired by first class flight seating. The collection offers a comfortable, lifestyle inspired alternative to traditional desk centric work postures. Designed…


Thoughtful invites people to be embraced in the cocooning form with graceful lines and sweeping concavity.

Together Bench

The Together Bench, designed by EOOS for Walter Knoll offers a sleek, yet comfortable and durable option for collaboration.

Topo Seating

USA 2004 / Metro Design Group Topo lounge seating features a fully upholstered, modern geometric form supporting a relaxed posture. Scaled for meeting tables or to fit within workstations, Topo lounge provides an alternative to typical guest or swivel seating.…

Visalia Lounge

USA  2011 /  Coalesse Design Studio Sculpted and faceted, Visalia looks good from any angle. A fresh alternative to the tuxedo lounge, its top-stitched upper and lower facets can be upholstered in one material or two, for an attractive contrasting effect.…