Answer Freestanding

U-Free is a flexible, durable and smart freestanding system built from Universal components.


c:scape is a collaborative freestanding system designed to support people and the businesses they work for.


A contemporary desk system designed to work as a stand alone product, or work with other systems.

Denizen Desking

Denizen bridges the gap between work and life with insightful work process solutions with emotional aspects like beauty, comfort and culture.

Elective Elements

Elective Elements 6 is a freestanding office system designed to address the changing workspace requirements in today’s private and open-plan environments.


FlexFrame defines the new standard of performance in workwalls.


Impact is a flexible, distinctive casegoods system that offers an exceptional combination of functionality and aesthetics.


A laminate desk solution with clean lines and design.


Walden offers contemporary styling interpreted in a clean, simple aesthetic and great value.