ēno Interactive Whiteboard

ēno combines an interactive board, a high-performance dry erase board, and a magnetic surface into a single solution.

Eno Mini Slate

ēno mini is the mobile companion to the ēno interactive whiteboard

Media Scape Kiosk

media:scape kiosk is a high definition videoconferencing setting optimized for one or two people. What if you could remove the barriers to innovation?  Media:scape family is a range of integrated furniture and media solutions. It is designed to help people…


media:scape with HD videoconferencing boosts collaboration across the table and connects teams across the globe.

Media:scape Mini

media:scape mini can transform small spaces into collaborative work environments.

Media:scape Mobile

media:scape mobile allows users to collaborate in a diverse range of settings.

media:scape Virtual PUCK

media:scape Virtual PUCK is an app that allows anyone to wirelessly share content to a multiple media:scape displays. media:scape is the first setting that integrates furniture and technology to bring together people, space, and information…boosting collaboration and productivity. With media:scape,…

Mediaboard and Mediaboard with media:scape technology

USA 2012 /  Coalesse Design Studio  Move the message. Work the room. The new Mobile Whiteboard and Monitor Stand from our Exponents conferencing line will elevate any conversation. Choose whiteboard in two widths; mediaboard with mounting hardware and integrated storage and…


ScapeSeries is a table which features power at the worksurface, allowing users to power mobile devices.