Post & Beam

Post and Beam is an architectural framework that allows you to configure a range of work environments.

Privacy Wall

Privacy Wall is a steel-frame, high-performance, moveable wall that offers an aesthetic alternative to the aluminum-frame construction of Privacy Wall GS

Privacy Wall GS

Privacy Wall GS is an aluminum-frame, high-performance, moveable wall.

Susan Cain Quiet Spaces

Introverts represent ⅓ to ½ of all workers, yet companies often fail to provide work environments that bring out their best. How can space help introverts do their best thinking? Empowering Introverts In her bestselling book, Quiet: The Power of…


V.I.A. is Vertical Intelligent Architecture that not only defines space, but redefines the role vertical real estate plays in today’s workplace. Walls aren’t going away—they’re simply being asked to do more. V.I.A. creates intelligent rooms, designed to augment human interaction…